Data Validation Tool - Data Migration Testing Solution

  • The modern open tech stack or the cloud tech stack, has more efficient cost effective database and storage solutions available.
  • The data currently residing in Oracle database, SQLserver, Netteza, IBM DB2 or Teradata needs to be migrated to databases like Postgres, Snowflake, Big Query, Redshift, Cassandra, Hadoop, Hive etc. as per architecture.
  • The drivers for migration could be anything among cost, scalability or operational efficiency.
  • Once you migrate data between any combination of above databases there is a need to test the data.
  • DataQ does this in a jiffy and can be configured to do it with few API calls or through GUI.
  • You get exact differences in values and schema at once.
  • Any homegrown solution for this can get you just a few parts of the above with a lot of effort.

“We identified that we missed out on a few double precision columns and stored them as decimals. DataQ showed us the issue and stopped us from releasing a blunder.”