OpenStack Migration - Application Migration Testing Solution

  • With the advent of ETL tools in the late 90’s so many companies have invested heavily in terms of resources and infrastructure on ETL tools and servers.
  • The infrastructure commitments on traditional RDBMS and ETL tools thus made are proving out to be cost prohibitive now.
  • Movement to new technologies would need the data to be migrated along with the source code.
  • There are tools available which do the data migration, DataQ helps in validation of the migrated data.
  • With a simple compare flow difference can be seen across all the tables. Also this flow can be completely automated so having too many tables or or too many columns per table is a no sweat task.
  • For code migration DataQ makes continuous release of the updated code and marks its effect on data.
  • This enables developers to do incremental changes without getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the code at hand. We have enabled clients who even had more than 10k lines of code in a single file, to accurately match the data.
  • By having the ability to compare incremental code effects on data, developers were able to deliver the accurate code in 50% time per original estimates.

“ We were able to migrate hundreds of jobs from SSIS, in just 5 months in an agile fashion which even helped us manage customers better. In hindsight it feels so easy, but it was so overwhelming when we started.”