Data Reconciliation

Web-based Drag & Drop UI to define a node-based flow for your data testing needs. Out of the box support for connectivity to 40+ data sources.

ETL/ Data Migration/ BI Testing

DataQ provides various tools for quickly identifying data issues. The platform is very intuitive and designed for both developers and testers. It is build ground up for the high volume of data, so whether you have hundreds of records or billions, we have you covered.

Data Observability

DataQ combines the domain experts knowledge with ML to auto-suggest Data Quality rules tailored to the data. This, coupled with Dataq's data monitoring, can improve the quality of data.

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Automate Data Testing and Monitoring to Improve Data Accuracy

DataQ’s tools and frameworks help increase data quality automation in your ETL Jobs, Data Migrations, BI Dashboards and other big data operations.


We Integrate with most Datasources

DataQ provides Multi-Cloud support for Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Apache Hive, IBM DB2, SAP HANA, Teradata, MySQL, memSQL, Derby, MariaDB. We also support the traditional on-premises data center infrastructure.


Director Data Analytics

"  With DataQ’s automated testing tool, the validation and testing of the migration of de-identified data from our source database to the destination datastore was simplified and re-running the test cases with any code updates was significantly reduced as compared to manual testing "
-- Amalgam

“ We were able to migrate hundreds of jobs from SSIS, in just 5 months in an agile fashion which even helped us manage customers better. In hindsight, it feels so easy, but it was so overwhelming when we started.”
-- Director-Data Analytics, An Insurance Company

“We identified that we missed out on a few double precision columns and stored them as decimals. DataQ showed us the issue and stopped us from releasing a blunder.”
-- Principal Engineer, A Healthcare Analytics Company

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